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What is a Christian LDA?

A Christian LDA is a Licensed Document Assistant who pledges to use Christian values when preparing legal documents. This includes conducting himself or herself ethically, aligning with God’s values, and harnessing the law to aid their client while prioritizing honesty and shunning the mindset of “winning by any means necessary” (refer to Proverbs 11:1–3; James 3:16; Philippians 2:3). God “abominates” turning a blind eye to justice (Proverbs 17:15), but a Christian LDA will still strive to use their expertise to the greatest advantage in the case.

Divorce, Anullment, and Legal Separation

Some marriages don’t last forever. First, we encourage parties to seek counseling and try to reconcile, but sometimes this is not possible. Second, we encourage parties to seek an anullment or a legal separation. If these efforts fail, we encourage the parties to conduct themselves through the divorce proceedings in a non-adversarial way. We encourage each party to be fair, and not hide assets or try to take advantage of the other party.

Eviction and Eviction Defense

We assist with ethical evictions and eviction defense. If the tentant is destroying the property or refusing to pay rent, we will help prepare the papers to remove the tenant from the house. This is known as an unlawful detainer action. If a tenant is willfully not paying rent, this can be viewed as stealing from the landlord, so we will help remove them from the property. Conversely, if a tenant is being evicted based on the color of their skin, their national origin, because they refused to pay an unlawful rent increase, or for some other improper reason, we will assist with the eviction defense. In other words, we will assist the party who is behaving ethically.

Guardianships and Conservatorships

Some people cannot reasonably be expected to take care of themselves. We, therefore, help prepare guardianships for those seeking to take care of someone else’s children and conservatorships for those seeking to take care of a disabled adult.

Estate Planning

From the Parable of Ten Virgins, we learn to be prepared for the unexpected, and Paul taught us in his second letter to Timothy that we should “be ready in season and out of season.” Indeed, Proverb 27 teaches us that we “do not know what a day may bring.” We help people prepare an estate package consisting of a California Will, an Advanced Healthcare Directive, a HIPAA release, and a Durable Power of Attorney. In addition to preparing the documents, we provide a notary and the required two witnesses. For those looking for something more, we also prepare trusts and deeds.